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Inventory Management System


The Inventory Management System is an application targeted at customers who requires a simple inventory management or stock control system, the prime factor of the system focuses on ease of use and simplicity.

The product is equipped with modules, which helps its users to manage stocks at their warehouses, keep track of their inventory, monitor and regulate stock movement. Transactions to receive and move stock are modelled in a way that creating purchase orders, tracking inbound stocks, transferring stocks or sending them to your customers becomes a child's play.

No more worrying about tracking your inventories when you are raising creating receipts. With efficient and comprehensive reports Inventory Management System will provide you with a new perspective to handling your stocks.


  • Having a simple and interactive user interface, it facilitates users in performing transactions in a more easier pattern.
  • With a Centralized Client-Server architecture, this application maintains Permanent Storage, Security and Protection of your data.
  • Depending on your need it can be installed locally for usage in your work-place, or if global access is need, it can be installed on the internet.
  • Facilitated with interactive capabilities, it helps users in Storage while receiving and retrieval of Items while Issueing or selling Items.
  • It also has a rich collection of Report generating facility that can be customised according to user requirement


  • Apart from being simple and easy to use.
  • Safe on local or remote server.
  • Having a high defined Customizable User Management, this application facilitates distribution of Tasks among employees and also help manage their authorities and permissions.
  • It also has a High-defined Search interface that helps users managing their inventory in an efficient manner.

System Requirements

  1. Server Configuration for Local Installation-

  2. Server Hardware Requirement
    • RAM : 2 GB.
    • Hard Disk : 160 GB.
    • Processor : Intel Dual Core or higher.

    Software Requirement:
    • Operating System : Windows Server 2000 or Later.
    • Database S/W : SQL Server 2005.
    • Supporting S/W : .Net Framework 3.5.

  3. Client Configuration-

  4. Hardware Requirement: Any configuration

    Software Requirement-
    • Operating System : Windows XP (service pack 2 or 3).
    • Browser S/W : Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox.

We are not to provide you false promises saying that IMS will improve your revenue many folds, but we can assure you that on using IMS management of your inventory and stock control will become more agile.