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Gate Pass System


This application is designed to authenticate and maintain visits by outsiders to an organisation or company. With an organised and user-friendly and interactive interface this application acquires the face Images of visitor and permanently saves it for future references. Equipped with a variety of Reports facility this application accounts for visits of a visitor, visits occurred against a particular Officer and list of visit in a particular time period.


It's a security software for controlling all the visits in an institution or company.

  • It gives facilities for visitor's photograph capturing, visitor's authentication by the host.
  • Login facility for the users, gate pass printing with visitor's image, reports like visitors list between two dates.
  • Reports like visitors list between two dates, visit history of a particular visitor between two dates.

  • Facilitates operators in entry for repetitive visitors.
  • Provides operators a better understanding by showing current Visitor's previous visits list and other details of visit along with it.
  • Creates Hard-Copy of gate pass for references.

System Requirements

Hardware Requirement:

  • RAM 128MB
  • Hard Disk Space 512MB
  • A camera (and its driver, if it is required).

Software Requirement:

  • C#.Net
  • OpenCv 2.1.0 DLLs
  • Emgu.CV DLLs
  • Sql Server (for data storage)

Your ROI

Apart from providing a protective layer on the security of your organisation its implementation cost is very cheap and does not require any Special hardware except Camera and Printer. Based on rules of the organisation one can customise it on condition for issuing of gate pass on various circumstances. It also provides better scheduling of visitors for a particular Delegate.