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Cash Management System


This application is designed for those Organisations that have Cash Money transfer process as an interim part of working of the association. This facilitates Cash transfer transactions through an organised and Hassel-free manner. The customer details Entry Screen is designed in a manner that facilitates Entry, capability of capturing Customers Face and storing it for reference and generates receipts and vouchers.


  • It facilitates for customer/client's image capturing.
  • Saving customer's personal details and cash transactional details.
  • Search for an existing customer to get its personal details. It reduces the time consumption and minimizes the typing efforts for entering the personal details for an existing customer each time.
  • After each transaction, a receipt will be generated for the customer.
  • Different types of reports can be generated, like:
    1. List of daily cash inflow/outflow transactions.
    2. A particular customer's transaction history, etc.

  • This application is designed to provide Operator the details of various other transfers performed by the present Customer in the past for reference in performing the current transfer with him or her.
  • The application is empowered with the facility of producing various kinds of reports such as details of various transfers, Cash inflow/outflow and transfers made by a particular customer in a period.

System Requirements

Hardware Requirement:

  • Ram - 128MB
  • Hard Disk Space - 512MB
  • A camera (and its driver, if it is required).

Software Requirement:

  • VC++ 2008
  • OpenCv 2.1.0
  • MS_Access as database
Your ROI

Provides a layer of security to your cash transfer process by acquiring Face Images. Operators are equipped with high quality Interface and descriptive transfer logs to avoid any discrepancy.