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We, at NapaSOFT, aim to provide excellent IT solutions to your every need, all at a competitive price. NapaSOFT offers you a unique blend of skills in project management, network integration and software development. Our solutions are efficient, scalable and totally integrated.

Our solutions range from Realtime Systems, which incorporate computer technologies such as process control to enhance industrial processes to obtain greater efficiency and control, to modern web services, which are necessary to every industry's growth.

Motors Monitoring for Hot Strip Mill

This system is designed for timely detection of problems in motor controlling rollers and thereby enabling operators to perform preventive maintenance in the Hot Strip Mill. It is capable of generating alarm messages in case of an emergency.
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Expert System for G Blast Furnace

An expert system that can understand potential problems regarding Blast Furnace through symptoms and predict them in advance like Hanging, scaffolding etc.
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